Marilyn Mosby Sparks A Fire We Need

Whether you agree or disagree with Marilyn Mosby, the State’s Attorney who charged six officers in the death of the 25 year-old who died from spinal cord injuries while in police custody, she is one person who is taking a stand for something she believes in: Justice.

She faces America with a decision she made that put people on both sides of the controversy. She is young and has other characteristics that some would view as challenging in her line of work and yet she takes it in stride. She took what the protesters were saying, “No justice, no peace” and turned it around to find justice to launch investigations to charge culprits appropriately. She is a leader that is calling upon others to take action and help fix the major issues.

Think of what we can do when more than one person takes a stand. One person can spark the fire for many to join and take action, to fix the issues in our community, our city, our state and our nation. We need to combine forces and help each other. We need to build up our community with support. We can all be leaders we just need to take a stand.

Support Groups At Your Finger Tips

The simplest way I have heard people describe SurvivingMyLife is that we are like Facebook for support groups. Every time I hear this it makes me smile because in a way thats true, but there is so much more to SurvivingMyLife.

It all began with one tragic moment. The experience of a traumatic event was enough to start the idea of online support groups. Think about this, when someone goes through a life changing event, we can feel alone even though others tell us we are not, we can still have that feeling. What if, while feeling alone, you can go online to one website,, and look up anyone, a support group or just information that is similar to the life changing event? Would that person still feel like they are alone?

We understand that life changing events happen everyday to different people. We also understand that people may not want to go online to talk about their feelings, but for the people that do we are here to help. We are bringing support groups to your finger tips. We want to allow people to find information they need, communicate with people safely about common challenges they’ve faced or are still facing and make it easy for people to find a support group without the challenges.

SurvivingMyLife is about helping each other get through the next day.