PTSD Long After

We all experience traumatic events in life. The after effect of those events last depending on how fast we deal with our emotions correct? False! In some cases we deal with our emotions and feelings towards the traumatic event thinking we are past the situation and ready to move on when all of a sudden we feel like we got hit by a ton of bricks.

I read a couple of articles that explains this happens more frequently than we think. The thoughts can be as intense as “I have to talk to someone or I am going to die.” These types of feelings are not rare and now we are starting to acknowledge these things are very real to the population.

As a population, where do we go from here? It has taken us so long to finally realize more people than we think suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and it can creep up on us and we feel like our World has turned upside down. In a lot of cases we can heal from PTSD by simply talking about our issues with someone who is able to help us, and guide us through our emotions.

There are many different types of outlets available to people ranging from paid services to free services, psychologists to free support groups you physically attend. There is one major thing lacking in these services; what happens if you are having a panic attack and your psychologist is not available to have an emergency session or if the support group meets once a week?

This is where SurvivingMyLife is able to help by giving you access to online support groups where someone could be easily reachable 24/7. You can find the support you already have currently online making it easier to contact the person or group that is helping you. If you want to reach out to other people or groups asking how they are dealing with their pain you can find it in one place while feeling safe and secure. We want to make a big difference in helping those who are suffering no matter when their PTSD forms.

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