Schools Can Do More To Help Struggling Children

I read an article posted on September 10 2015 “Why Aren’t Schools Doing More to Prevent Suicide?” article  They list the top 10 children health concerns. Across the country we face bullying, drug abuse, child abuse and school violence to name a few. These are very alarming areas of issues that we face as a country. What can we do about this and how can we help fix these issues?

SurvivingMyLife’s website allows schools to create support groups that are directly related to the issues the children are facing. For example they are able to create a support group called “Dealing With Bullies.” The school is the admin of this group monitoring content and providing safe outlets to students who are suffering from these situations. The students can interact with the support group feeling safe because we protect the anonymity of the user.

The school can create multiple support groups. Another example is creating a support group for childhood obesity. The school can give tips and resources through the support group helping children get the education they need about food to help fight against obesity. They can engage with the members of the group posting information, comments and talking with members of the group who ask questions. They can also message others based on how the member wants to correspond with the group.

SurvivingMyLife safely allows people to join the site and create and or join a support group they want. We make it very safe allowing the admin to be selective on who can join the support group. Our mission is to make it safer and faster for people to get information, resources and  build communities with people who have or have been struggling with similar issues. We are all in this together to make the world a better place.

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