One Cure For Abandonment

By the time we realize how bad someone is suffering from abandonment, it is typically too late. There are many ways that someone can feel abandonment that can have a severe impact on their self image and self esteem. It can make them feel unimportant and sometimes invisible. When this feeling starts it will build and build, and unless someone seeks professional help the person can feel like the only action to take it to physically harm themselves or harm others.

Anyone can feel abandonment, it is something that is common in this world. The cure for abandonment can be as simple as building and maintaining relationships with someone that feels abandoned. Everyone wants to be loved, included and feel like they are making a difference even if it is a small one. When we isolate people by bullying, avoiding or being too busy it can leave an everlasting fear and pain in that person and that can grow. Professional help is usually the best type of cure to help deal. When this option is not available they are looking for companionship that can make them feel good about themselves.

Things we can do to help:

  • Say hi to people no matter how different or upset they are. Just simply starting a conversation with someone can make them feel better. This will show them that they aren’t invisible.
  • Give people compliments. There is always something nice to say to someone even if you are just passing them on the street. Kind words can make a big difference especially to people who are being bullied.
  • Meeting new people and establishing a consistent relationship even if it can seem like extra work really makes a difference.

SurvivingMyLife encourages members to build relationships and¬†show support for each other. In the words of James Taylor “You’ve got a Friend.”